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Infant Massage

Infant massage is a gentle and comfortable “hands-on” experience of applying massage techniques to an infant’s body, limbs, head and face.  The duration of each session is determined by the baby.

Benefits of infant massage

  • Enhances bonding
  • Relaxes Infant
  • Aids Growth and Development
  • Promotes Communication
  • Improves Baby’s Sleep
  • Reduces the discomfort of colic

Benefit of massage for the Preterm infants

  • Same as for full term infants as well as the following
  • Improved weight gain, ability to regulate body temperature, blood circulation
  • Improved neurological development.
  • Aids in reducing length of time in the hospital.

The benefit of massage for children are the same as for adults. Massage therapy for children introduces them at an early age to the need to take care of their bodies. Children also learn when they need to look for therapy.